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OrdoPDFReader control
ActiveX Component

OrdoPDFReader is an ActiveX component PDF viewer which lets you:

• View PDF files

• Print PDF files

• Extract the text content if it exists

• Practice Character Recognition on the PDF file in conjunction with Tesseract-OCR, open-source OCR software under Apache 2.0 license (

To view PDF file OrdoPDFReader uses PDFium.dll (licensed under BSD by Google / Foxit). It is the only PDF-reader/viewer-tool I know of, which can be used (and deployed) with this license, in commercial application.

PDFium.dll must be in the same directory as the ActiveX component.

The component has no other dependency than PDFium.dll and the common VB6 files.

The sources of a draft version of this control are available here on VB-Forums

The SDK contains a VB6 example, redistributable installers and OrdoPDFReader.exe which is a lightweight, multi-tab PDF reader program that you can install as your default PDF reader

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Version 2.0.2