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OrdoWebView2 Control
ActiveX component

OrdoWebview2 is an ActiveX control (ocx) that I developed during the realization of a professional project for my publishing company. It replaces the aging VB6 webview control based on a deprecated Internet Explorer!


Olaf Schmitt, the brilliant author of the vbRichClient framework, has integrated Microsoft's WebView2 control into the RC6, which is an incredible feat!

Microsoft's WebView2 control is a new component allowing you to include an Edge explorer, based on Chromium, in your own developments.


In fact, OrdoWebview2 is an ActiveX control interface to facilitate the task of developers who are more accustomed to an ActiveX control interface than to the manipulation of the RC6 Framework.


The installation kit, downloadable here, installs the Ocx, the RC6 framework (which is deployed side-by-side without registration) and a fixed version of Microsoft's WebView2 control.

It is of course possible to use the Evergreen version of WebView2 which is constantly updated.


The installer also installs a small test program and its sources in Visual Basic 6. These sources are given as an example of use of the control.


In the "Redistributable" folder, OrdoWebView2ControlRedistributable.exe is used to install the control and its dependencies on a client machine. Launched with the /verysilent option, this program can be integrated into the installer of your own solution.

You will also find in this folder the Microsoft installer of the Evergreen version of WebView2

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Version 2.0.4 (2023-02-20)